Slot machines

Slot machines


The Casinò Larix offers classic reel and video slot machines that will take you to the world of fun with their great sounds and amazing video animations. You can find your luck also on two electronic roulettes with 16 playing seats.

184 slot machines, 2 electronic roulettes with 16 player’s seats


The game at the electronic roulette is played automatically. The players at their playing positions have a screen, a keyboard and a touch screen board with numbers with which they bet on numbers and combinations.

The field where you have placed your chip means what type of bet you wish to play. The winning bets are paid out according to how precisely you have predicted the winning number. By pressing the HELP button in the menu of the electronic roulette you can review the bets placed.

Multi Game slot machines

The Multi Game slot machines feature several games in one gaming machine. The games are displayed in the main menu on machine’s screen. When you choose a game you can only play that game and if you want to change the game, you have to return to the main menu on the screen by pressing the MAIN MENU button. You can choose the game by touching the icon of the game.

Poker and video reel games as regards to the type of a slot machine (Multi Game/Single Game) do not differ in a way of play and are described in the above paragraphs.

Reel and video reel slot machines with bonus games may feature another screen or bonus REEL for the bonus game, which is activated by certain symbols.