Receive awards while playing on slot machines!

The more you gamble, the more you win!

Become a member and receive numerous rewards and offers from the “Casino Larix Elite” Player’s Club!

Membership at the “Casinò Larix Elite” Player’s Club is completely free of charge! By filling out an accession statement and upon submission of a valid ID document with a photo at the reception of the Casinò Larix gambling hall, you will receive a membership card, with which you will able to collect points while playing on your favourite slot machine or electronic roulette.

What does the “Casinò Larix Elite” Player’s Club bring to its members?

The membership at the “Casinò Larix Elite” brings you special benefits. Receive awards while playing on slot machines!

Become a member of the “Casinò Larix Elite” Player’s Club, collect points and enjoy the following benefits:

  • FREE PLAY – change points for a playable-only ticket
  • Benefits and discounts at selected service providers
  • Coupons acquisition to participate in prize games
  • Lunch and dinner vouchers for selected restaurants
  • Reservation of a slot machine
  • Priority information of special promotions held at the gaming hall

How do you collect points in the “Casinò Larix Elite” Player’s Club?

Insert the “Casinò Larix Elite” card into the reading device on any slot machine, either a slot machine or an electronic roulette.

If you insert the card is correctly, you will see a welcoming message on the slot machine. If the welcoming message does not display, re-insert the card in the reader and wait for the welcoming information, otherwise ask the personnel at the gambling hall for support.

While you play, the card must be inserted in the reading device all the time. If you decide to play on some other slot machine, just take the card out of the reader and insert it in the reader on the machine on which you chose to continue to play.

The “Casinò Larix Elite” Club member collects points by playing on a slot machine or an electronic roulette and can cash them or choose services, which correspond to the collected points.